VVDI2 2008 VW Passat AKL Should I Write Back File?


Did a 2008 VW Passat all keys lost using xhorse vvdi2 and vvdi prog.
Read EEPROM out of circuit,  found 7th Byte, Generated Dealer Key.

Follow the instruction here

My question is do I need to write back file?
When I finished making dealer key it says “Key Make Okay and Locked”
but doesn’t give option to save new file.
Not sure of The process I did to make dealer key is taking up a slot or just made a copy of existing key?
Any help?
Passat 2008 VW Passat AKL Vvdi2


Can do either

  • If adding new slot write back.
  • If generating old slot no need to write back.

No writing file back reinstall to car and learn by obd. With vvdi you could even clone from existing dump reinstall and will just start.

Load dump into transponder programming on first screen before selecting VW.

Choose an existing slot and make dealer key. (just copy working key from existing slot.), then no need to write back if use existing slot need vvdi super chip.


Megamos chips do not write back. Such as 48 and 13.
You just read file and match with the chips. Same procedure for Volvo, Honda with 13 chips, Volkswagen,audi and all others.