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Xhorse VVDI Prog V5.2.7 Adds VAG IMMO4 MQB D70F35xx

April 19, 2023 VVDISHOP 0

Xhorse vvdi prog software update to V5.2.7 on April, 19th, 2023.   v5.2.7 (2023-04-18) * This version DON’t need update firmware + Add  MB91F53BC option in <2-MCU>-><FYJITSU-MB9XF> + Add  XC2361E-136 option in <2-MCU>-><INFINEON-XC2XXXX> + Add  SPC5602D option in <2-MCU>-><ST-SPC560XXXX> + Add MQB-LOCK(D70F35xx)-READ, MQB-LOCK(D70F35xx)-WRITE, VW-4th-NEC35XX-READ, VW-4th-NEC35XX-WRITE, […]

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Free Download Xhorse VVDI2 V7.3.2 Software

April 19, 2023 VVDISHOP 0

Xhorse vvdi2 key programmer was released to V7.3.2 on April 2022.   ***        2023-04-18 ***        Require firmware V7.3.0 =====        VAG V7.3.2                        ===== 1. Support Immo4-NEC35xx dashboard which not support OBD(All key lost and new VDO)- require MQB48-NEC35xx(Lock) license 2. Add key learn for Brazil NEC+95320(Marelli)(Menu->Key learn->Key learn->VW NEC95320(Marelli)Brazil) 3. Improvement for NEC+24C64: Support more type in Brazil 4. Improvement for OBD read BCM2 immo data 5. Bugfix =====        BMW V7.3.2                        ===== 1. Support unlock more BDC versions directly without program to other version 2. Bugfix =====        Porsche V7.3.2                        ===== […]