VVDI BMW Tool “FEM unknown version” solution

If your Xhorse VVDI BMW Tool meet the problem “FEM unknown version“, please use this function of VVDI BMW tool.


As the picture shows, Xhorse VVDI BMW Tool V1.4.5 is available, please free download here:



By the way, such device with durable development and free update ,it’s like a gift comparing with others expensive device could cost 5000$ and 6000$. -D


The author has collected some customers reviews and hopes to be useful to you.

Q: how do we suppose to know this. There’s no instructions

A: simple just choose FEm /calculate program file /program

Q: Vvdi2 came with instructions why not this one

A: it’s not vvdi2 , vvdi bmw


Q: I have this tool but don’t understand how to use.

A: it’s a professional software and you should work on yourself, we can help you and there is a limit and logic for help, first of all you should test and try and play , Xhorse team are giving you the chance to become professional in coding and programming and do not keep a simple locksmith.


Good luck.