How to use Xhorse VVDI2 to Reset KM on BMW FEM BDC Module

Here’s the engineer solution to reset KM in BMW FEM/BDC module by Xhorse VVDI2 BMW key programmer.


Mileage calibration in BMW FEM BDC Guide:

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Open VVDI2 software


Select BMW

Select Key Learn->FEM/BDC Key Learn->Get Key Info
vvdi2 will read vehicle info, VIN, type etc


Select Programming FEM/BDC system

VVDI2 will show main 5 steps to program:

Step 1:
1.Read FEM/BDC coding via OBDII or on the bench
2. You’d better not close this window after start the procedure.

Step 2:
1.Open FEM/BDC shell, find 95128/95256 chip position, read EEPROM dump via VBDC programmer
2. Load original EEPROM dump and save special eeprom dump, write special eeprom dump back to 95128/95256 chip
3. Restore FEM/BDC shell, provide +12v and connect OBD

Step 3:
1. This operation require FEM/BDC on the bench, and make sure you inish step1 and steo2
2. Provide +12v to FEM/BDC and connect OBD

Step 4:
1.Open FEM/BDC shell,write original EEPROM dump (read in step2) back to 95128/95256 chip
2. Restore FEM/BDC shell, provide +12v and connect OBD
Step 5:
Load coding file read in step1, write to FEM/BDC via OBDII, finish FEM/BDC programming


Now here’s the detail instruction:
Click Backup Coding

Save coding file


Xhorse VVDI2 prompt: Open FEM/BDC shell, read EEPROM dum,p via BDM programmer, press OK to view the
95128/95256 chip position


Check the chip position

Step 2 will start:Press OK to load original 95128/95256 EEPROM dump file





Dissolder the 95256 MCU chip and and read eeprom dump with Xhorse vvdi prog programmer

in VVDI prog, select M95256 chip type to read
Save eeprom data and name it 95256.ori


Click OK to load 95256.ori file write the service eeprom dump file to 95128/95256 chip
Press OK

name file 95256.ori_NEW

Step 3: will start  make sure you finish the following operation:
1. Read and save coding file,write service eeprom dump file
2. Provide +12v to FEM/BDC and connect OBD


Open 95256.ori_NEW

Click Write Tab

Write data


Dissolder chip from VVDI Prog programmer and solder it back to FEM/BDC shell
Press YES in VVDI2
updating system in progress


Step 4 will start:
1. Open FEM/BDC shell, write original eeprom dump (read in step2)
back to 95128/95256 chip
2. Restore FEM/BDC shell, provide +12v and connect OD

Continue after finish the list operation

Dissolder the 95256 chip from FEM/BDC shell, read original dump eeprom dump (read in step2) bac to 95256 chip with vvdi progmmaer

write dump success

remove chip from vvdi programmer adapter and solder it back to FEM/BDC shell

Press OK in VVDI2 to continue


Step 5 will start:
Press OK to load original coding file and write to FEM/BDC module

Do you want to verify the write coding
Press YES

FEM/BDC programming success, you can make new dealer key from te main window!

Select get key info
you will see mileage 1337KM

click Reset KM


This function only reset KM stored in FEM/BDC module, you need manually change KM in dashboard?
Press YES

Select get key info

Now the KM is 0M
VVDI2 Reset BMW FEM/BDC KM success.