Smart fortwo 2003 – How to Cut Blade with Xhorse Condor Mini?

Have Smart fortwo 2003 with the button remote key. how do we cut this one? I have Condor XC mini and Condor Dolphin if that helps.


Smart 450 uses YM23.
Condor can make these 100%.
Also hu100r works fine.


Never by code.
If you measure up the cuts, you could select a similar keytype.
Or possible cut a depth of 1 on two positions.
The update tool allows you to create your own custom key files

YM23 condor file-02


I assume that your Condor mini can do the same as my master 007.

I have created a YM23 with 8 cuts. I placed it in the mercedes key folder.
Not sure that we can exchange theys files, but let us try.

Could someone load this custom KeyData.u file in there Condor.
Mini and or master.
Place the KeyData.u file in your condor file that contains: Condor 007 update software V1.0.5
Then open the CustomKeyTools,
Connect your pc with your condor using usb, and press synchronize.



Credits to @ rob h (dk member)