Question on Condor Mini Plus Instacode + CustomKey Tools

Question 1: if you have an update for Instacode Live for the Condor XC-Mini Plus.  I already pay for Instacode and when I try to add my machine to my preferred cutting machine, it only has Condor Mini Bluetooth connection.


Question 2: After opening “CustomKey Tools”, I notice these options are under development, will you update in the near future?

condor-mini-plus-customkeytools-01 condor-mini-plus-customkeytools-02 engineer reply:

  1. In fact, Condor MINI plus Bluetooth communication port same as Condor XC-MINI, so if you activation authorization from instacode live, you can connect the machine to APP directly.


  1. For Xhorse customize key data software, same you can use KM03 software, after you make the new profile of customize keys, you can connect machine to PC, then run sync data function. (after sync you can find customize data from cut by bitting)