Read Chrysler Crossfire HC05 1D69J MCU with VVDI Prog

If trying to read eeprom MCU MC68HC05X32 (1D69J) on Chrysler crossfire 2004-2009, you can read it with vvdi prog and adapter.

Chrysler Crossfire Mcu 1
Chrysler Crossfire Mcu 1

It’s hc05 and better desolder to read in adapter !


Xhorse VVDI Prog + HC05 Adapter

Vvdi prog plus adapter hc05 is correct way.

Vvdi prog with the new adapter and latest update will read the hc05 mcu’s just fine.

Vvdi Prog Mc68hc05 Adapter

Vvdi Prog Mc68hc05 Mcu 3

Select MCU->Motorola MC68HC05->1D69J

Vvdi Prog Mc68hc05 Mcu 0

Vvdi Prog Mc68hc05 Mcu 1

Desoler adapter and read.

Hot air off the hc05 chip and read with vvdi prog-adapter. Then use vvdi2 or tango to make the chip. Use lots of flux it makes it easier.
Use the vvdi2, a super chip and shell key. For a flip key fob you’ll need the KR55.
Vvdi Prog Mc68hc05 Mcu 2