Porsche Cayenne 2011 with BCM 2M25J Done with VVDI Prog + VVDI2

Thanks to one DK member test report:

Did Porsche Cayenne 2011 with 2M25J in the BCM.
Some people were wondering if VVDI2 can do it, here in this thread – well, it can.
Actually most work is done with VVDIProg (read/write) and only preparing of the (dealer)key and generating the new dump with the new key is done with the VVDI2.
All is done by EEPROM soldering.

Soldering must be done very carefully and in high quality – these motorola’sĀ are extremely sensitive. Also 12V must be attached.

porsche cayenne via vvdi pro and vvdi2

Hope it helps.