Polo PQ25 SW0207 NEC+ 24C23 Login with Reset PIN

How to: Polo PQ25 6R0920960D SW0207 NEC+ 24C23 login with reset PIN.

Credit to Xhorse Poland Distributor.


Please know, we always recommend to read & save EPP before you start.

RESET PIN is a GND signal , no need any rezistors or special line
With RESET PIN no need prepare EPP to Service Mode to login cluster if “all key lost”

1) Switch OFF power (Kl15 & KL30) , with KL15 OFF it will not work
2) Find a connection PIN near CPU


3) Switch OFF Power Supply (KL30 & Kl15)


4) Connect GND to RESET PIN and hold


5) Select proper cluster type in VVDI2 VAG


6) Switch ON power supply (KL15 & KL30)


7) Remove RESET PIN (you can remove RESET PIN after few second when you switch ON Power
8) Select READ IMMO or EPP and Select LOGIN METODE 2 (you can also try with other metode if this one faile)


9) VVDI2 can login cluster now