How to open VVDI2 IMMO BMW Porsche authorization

When you use original Xhorse VVDI2 Commander Key Programmer, you should pay attention to the following using tips:
1). For VAG, if you want to open the 5th IMMO authorization, you need to open the 4th IMMO at first. Because 5th is derivatived from 4th.
2). For BMW, only after the BMW OBD is opened, then you can open the CAS4 authorization.
3). For Porsche, only if you open the 5th IMMO authorization or BMW CAS4 authorization, the Porsche function will be automatically opened at the same time.
4). Component security function of VVDI 1st generation, it will be valid after you open the authorization for pin, mac and CS reading authorization. For VVDI2(VVDI II) key programmer,you can directly use component security function.  Go to special function. you will find the component security option for A4,A5,A6,A8,Q5,Q7,Allroad.