How to fix Audi A6 2006 ESL Fault Motor

I got Audi A6 2006 ESL fault motor is working but steering lock not locking or unlocking, car can not start. below is photos any idea how to fix this issue?



I was suggested replacing with good used ELV. ButĀ in my country it is hard to buy esl alone only complete system. Can i find used good one online or can i do ESLĀ adaptation by vvdi2?

Final solution without buying ELV:

Just read the ESL J518 by obd, if you have a working key.
Or with a ECU programmer like xprog or Xhorse vvdi prog.
1L59W or the 3L40KEEPROM 2KB

And copy this in to the replacement part.
Make sure that you have the correct part number.