How to Exchange VVDI commander for VVDI2? (User Feedback)

Our customer feedback:  I had ordered vvdi commander with VW only. I used the exchange program since i had the old vvdi vw which also worked well. My vvdi i sent for an exchange, purchased the new unit vvdi2 commader with vw. i shipped the item back and now they are saying that i have not included the 5th generation immo. Just want to make sure that i understand this correctly. I am including my unit that was sent to VVDISHOP.COM which they are claiming that it was not included. I have received the new unit with only key prog and Porsche option. Don’t have the vw any software.


That’s true.

He sent VVDI1 + immo 4 coli (immo 4 licence)

For VVDi1 licence IMMO 5 is a “blue coil” with BDM cables

If he gives this back, vvdishop dealer do update licence for IMMO 5 to his new VVDI2

Xhorse VVDI2 have all built-in, no need extra adapters or coils.


It was that Immo coil which was able to change ID in 48 chip for example

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