How to Exchange Points to Tokens in new Xhorse App?

For Xhorse new APP, some users have the same question, how to exchange points to tokens? where is the bonus points?


  1. Where is the token service in Xhorse new APP?

Choose “Shop“, then “Tokens“, then use the bonus points to “Exchange” the tokens (200 bonus points = 1 token).

Tokens are used from VVDI MB online password calculation.




  1. Bonus points in Xhorse new APP.

Click on “Bonus points” to enter.



The method to get bonus points:

25 bonus points from Xhorse normal-wire remote;


40 bonus points from Xhorse-wireless remote


60 bonus points from universal smart key, the point will be recorded in your device once you use it at the first time.

Remotes can be coded, decode/prepare many times but points you can take from remote only once.


200 bonus points for free by using VVDI BE key pro.


Otherwise one single token for VVDI MB password calculation costs 25USD.


Good luck.