Tips to Cut VA2 Key with Xhorse Condor or Dolphin

Some users feedback the depth of the cut is wrong when cutting Renault VA2 emergency blade with xhorse condor key cutting machine.   Va6 renault by code full working. VA2 has problem.
Is there a fix for this ?

Renault 4 Button Card Dolphin 2


Tips to cut Renault VA2  emergency blade:

Manual machine (Dolphin XP007)- No problem

This is issue since day one with all Condors… It won’t be fixed.

Automatic (Condor Mini Plus) – need to make a small spacer about 0,7mm-0,8mm – from sheet metal – About the same thickness of a lot vehicles.
So you can make it from an old door of a car, from the junkyard.
Same problem with Toyota one side cut. Same solution with this.
I have not used the Dolphin with this spacer, but other automatic machine works fine.