How to Connect Multi-Function Adapter between EZS Adapter and VVDI Key Tool Plus?

The  Xhorse XDKP30 adapter can convert the Benz EZS/EIS adapter kit with vvdi key tool plus.   Here comes the connection tips of these sets.



The problem goes like this:

Connect Xhorse Xdnp30 Padapter 1

The only socket i can use is the bosh

Connect Xhorse Xdnp30 Padapter 2

Connect Xhorse Xdnp30 Padapter 3

i need something to link those 1 sockets as everything i try to read an EZS unit it says cracked chip and may be its because its not connected properly, it failed on 4 now

Connect Xhorse Xdnp30 Padapter 4

Connect Xhorse Xdnp30 Padapter 5

this is a picture of the EZS adapter lead it won’ go into the multi-function adapter in the EZS slot both are female 1 should be male
i have tried 4 different ezs units with vvdi key tool plus now and none work.
i am going onto immo the benz then choosing the correct adapter then eeprom



You have made the wrong correction, so key tool plus give you error crack chip failed.

How to connect Xhorse multi-function adapter with EZS adapter and vvdi key tool plus?

Xhorse Xdnp30 Padapter 1

Xhorse Xdnp30 Padapter 2

Connect connector 1 to connector 3 marked red above
Connect connecter 2 with key tool plus via DB15_15 converter in the KTP package.