How do I Change BMW CAS3 0L15Y Mileage using VVDI Prog?

How do I change the mileage on this Cas3 0L15Y using Xhorse Vvdi Prog?

Vvdi Prog Change Cas3 0L15Y Mileage 1

Vvdi Prog Change Cas3 0L15Y Mileage 2


The mileage is in the 2 first line. Vvdi prog is only for read and write on CAS. You need vvdi2 for editing.  Send a file to someone or use other tools to edit mileage.

vvdi2 can edit CAS eeprom to 0km, then save and write with vvdi prog.

In VVDI2, go to Special Function – Change KM. Works 100% for CAS3, CAS4 dash.

Xhorse Vvdi2 Change Km

You need to do dash and CAS. In CAS you need to do 0km and in dash that what you need.