Can I Collect ID48 Data with Mini Key Tool? or must with VVDI2?

Question: When I use Xhorse VVDI2 to do ID48 function, I must use with one extra 48 data collector? or I can also use mini key tool like a sniffer for data? Can i collect with mini key tool?


Samic replies:

  1. If you have working key and it belongs to 96 bit 48 type, you can use mini key tool or VVDI2 96bit 48 cloning function.


  1. If all key lost, also 48 types and VVDI2 can read the ECU 6 bytes cs and pin, you can use VVDI2 48 cloning by OBDII function

VVDI2 need to use 48 data collector.


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