Solved: Xhorse XM38 Key Can’t Emergency Start with 8A AKL Adapter

Problem: I was able to use VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad + Toyota 8A AKL Adapter to read out immo data, and succeed in generating a XM38 Smart Key. But this key is unable to emergency start the car. Any ideas?



Please noted to generate XM38 to corresponding VIN of smart card before Toyota 8A all keys lost programming.


2020 Toyota Camry – 0010 version smart card

2015 Lexus – 2110 version smart card.

(Please ask for the professional if you don’t know the version)

Lexus Lc200 2020 4



  1. Generate to the corresponding version of smart card;
  2. Generate emergency key with immo data.

Full operations please refer to

Xhorse VVDI 8A Adapter Program 2020 Toyota Highlander All Keys Lost


For some special cases, after generating smart card version, it’ll need to remove battery, then go on making an emergency key.


Any questions about VVDI 8A Adapter please contact us.