Caution: Better Not Delete Key with Xhorse New 8A AKL Adapter

Pay attention to delete key functions of the new Xhorse XD8ASKGL Toyota 8A AKL Adapter.

Xhorse 8a Smart Key Backup Immo Data 3

We can add and delete older Toyota 8A smart keys on the same car without limitation. The key can be programmed to another car after being deleted. But for some latest Toyota with 8A and 4A smart keys, the deleted key cannot be programmed again, even original keys.

Xhorse 8a Smart Key Backup Immo Data 2

The Delete key function is used to delete all absent keys.

Keys that do not touch the ignition switch will be deleted and cannot be registered to use.


Always do ‘Add Smart Key’ operation when we add a key or do all keys lost unless you are requested to do AKL.



When executing Backup Smart Box EEPROM Data and program key,  vvdi key tool plus will ask to load smart box eeprom data, after you load eeprom data, the deleted key cannot be programmed again.

If didn’t do Backup eeprom data, the deleted keys can be learned to car.

Xhorse 8a Smart Key Backup Immo Data 1

For old Toyota 8A proximity, we can only save one key, and then add new keys one by one;

For new Toyota 8A prox, all keys in car are required to be put close to start button to be saved, and keys outside will be deleted and can’t be re-learned.



Before deleting these keys,

1) check how many keys they have

2) Deleted keys can’t be re-learned

3) All keys to be saved need to be registered in car