Xhorse XEDS01EN Remote Not Working After Programmed to Peugeot 307 2004?


I just buy this Xhorse XEDS01EN VVDI Super Remote for my Peugeot 307 year 2004 car (2 button key) and I programmed it but the remote is not working. I did not generate the key I just programmed it. Ign on hold lock button 10 seconds, it didn’t work. I need help please?

Xhorse Peugeot 307 Remote 0


You must generate super remote it before. Use this option in xhorse vvdi mini key tool.

Xhorse Peugeot 307 Remote 1

Xhorse Peugeot 307 Remote 2
You can use wireless or super remote and it will work.
xhorse remote will not be locked if you generate it. You can generate it many times.