Xhorse VVDI2 Chrysler Crossfire 1D69J Unknown File?

Xhorse vvdi2 can’t generate Chrysler crossfire transponder. Show me unknown file. I read the Motorola 1D69J by vvdi prog.

Vvdi2 Motorola 1D69J File Unknown


CHRYSLER crossfire has the same immo box as Mercedes SLK.  vvdiprog reads it without problems with its hc08 adapter. You can read with other progammers, orange5 with HC705 adapter, carprog, iprog etc.  VVDI2 won’t write this transponder, you will need other devices.

Optional solutions:
  • Load dump on abrites on ML mercedes
  • Tango does them but you need Pcf7930 chip as pcf7935 doesn’t work.
  • KR55 will generate working remote. Well worth the money.  You can read by carprog using adapter kr55 without desolder mcu. open the file at kr55 or tango and make keys. The procedure lasts less than 10 min
  • Or send the file to someone who can make you a key.


Final feedback:

I generated transponder super chip xt27 xhorse by tango and car run.