Xhorse “VVDI2 can’t find” Solution

Have Xhorse VVDI2 Commander Basic Function, installed V6.6.6 software, when update the software, get error ” vvdi2 can’t find”.


vvdishop.com solution:

Please update the firmware of VVDI2 in the UpgradeKit.


UpgradeKit software free download here:


Size: 30.7 MB

Download the above mega link and unzip it.

Double click on “Upgrade kit.exe”, click on “Yes” to update the newest version.

Select Device: VVDI2

Click on “Find Device”.

Click on “Upgrade”.

Firmware upgrade successfully.

vvdi2-cant-find-solution-01 vvdi2-cant-find-solution-02 vvdi2-cant-find-solution-03


That’s right.