Vote: Xhorse VVDI PROG or UPA USB PROGRAMMER for mcu and eeprom.


The result is most users recommend VVDI PROG.


In details…

@ volavka review:

VVDI Prog buy and enjoy.


@ wosanyn31 review:

Vvdi prog is very good, supported and easy to use, but had some problem writing some eeproms which I did read n’write nicely with clone orange5. I’ve only use orig upa to read motorola MCUs with clone’s adapters


@ ecuboost review:

VVDI PROG has a very good price compared to the competition (like all VVDI products). VVDI PROG does a lot of things, from CAS4 to copying eeprom in old ECUs. VVDI PROG doesn’t make many Motorola MCUs for this you need xprog or upa ( e.g. Mercedes ECU Bosch ME2.0 ).

for VVDIPROG buy an eeprom clip. Makes work a lot easier.


@ sindy review:

Vvdi-prog is very good.


@ dvdpgn review:

I highly recommend VVDI.



And the topic is continuing.


One more question, where to have VVDI PROG?

There are not only one shop online who will sell you VVDI-PROG.

Therefore it is always nice to have a company recommended that someone has experience with.

This is the people I recommend: www.vvdishop.com.