Program Range Rover Sport 2008 All Keys Lost with VVDI Prog & VVDI2

Done a 2008 Range Rover Sport all keys lost using vvdi tools.

Read data with VVDI Prog. No need to remove component.

Go under IMMOBILIZER- then LandRover, then Range Rover Sport CEM.

You can still read successfully and there’s 0% probability for the black hole to swallow that tiny component.
Also, seasoned auto locksmiths have read CEMs without removing component successfully.
I added a key to new position with vvdi2.
Didn’t use super chip.. virgin 7936. Super chip won’t work. Has to be virgin chip.
Picture attached:
vvdi-2008-RangeRover-akl-1 vvdi-2008-RangeRover-akl-2 vvdi-2008-RangeRover-akl-3 vvdi-2008-RangeRover-akl-4