Xhorse VVDI Prog Cannot Read Land Rover RFA SPC560B60L3?


I’m trying read a Land Rover RFA V510 SPC560B60L3 with xhorse vvdi prog and all I’m getting is files full of FFF. It would be great if someone could tell me where I’m going wrong.

Land Rover RFA SPC560B60L3 Vvdi Prog 1

Land Rover RFA SPC560B60L3 Vvdi Prog 2

Land Rover RFA SPC560B60L3 Vvdi Prog 3


New RFA with SPC560B60L3 is OTP , you can’t read it.

This MCU is locked and cannot be read or write.

‘If the contents of the shadow flash memory are erased and the NVSCC0,1 registers are not re-programmed to a valid value, the microcontroller will be permanently censored with no way for you to regain access. A microcontroller in this state cannot be debugged or reflashed. In case that the device is censored, the user has to put the right password (NVPWD0-1) in to the buffer for further operation with the device.’