Xhorse Toyota XM Smart Key 0010 A9 Unsupport?

Problem: I was trying to generate Toyota RAV4 with xhorse XM Toyota smart key. Mini key tool says unsupported? Anybody knows how to fix or anyone can help me where can I buy xm38 series?

Xhorse Toyota Xm38 Smart Key 2 Xhorse Toyota Xm38 Smart Key 3


Xhorse XM28 smart key cannot be used to generate/copy 0410, 0010 (A9, AA) chip smart key. You need to use XM38 proximity remote.

Xhorse Xm38 Smart Key

The XM38 remote is not yet available.

Check pre-order information here:


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Xhorse Toyota XM28 vs XM38 Proximity Smart Key