Xhorse Multi Prog Benz EZS Chip Crack Failed Solution


Xhorse Multi Prog failed to read Mercedes EZS W169. Software gives an error: “Chip crack failed. Error code 13050102, cracking failed. adjust the VDD voltage to 4-5V.
“. Any idea?

Xhorse Multi Prog Chip Crack Failed 1

Xhorse Multi Prog Chip Crack Failed 2


If you don’t use lab power supply and don’t adjust the volts well you will get error. It’s not a MultiProg failure.

You have to manually modify the voltage in the software because it is at 2.7 vdd but 5v it will work.
Set it to 13.2v max amperage and set the EZS voltage to 4.9v.

Xhorse Multi Prog Read EZS W169