VVDI Prog Read BMW CAS3+ 0M23S ID 0000 Solution


Hi, my vvdi prog programmer failed to read BMW CAS3+ 0m23s mask, reading error ID 0000.

And prompted to confirm the chip type and connection.

Is possible that cas died? I made backup with vvdiprog .. got isn from working key made key on slot3 and wrote back and didn’t worked ok car started but with delay … wrote back original file dash died.

How to fix? 



Possible solution:

Solder connections, it’s because it cannot ID the MCU.

Check you connections. don’t lengthen clk wires. 

clear varnish from pcb. 
To read eeprom and flash again. If working key still not work, maybe the eeprom is corrupted.
Send both eeprom and flash to repair data.



VVDI-Prog wiring diagram to BMW CAS3+ 0M23S