VVDI Prog R5f64524kfd M32C Chip Not Connect??

I need read BCM from ford. Has anyone read this R5f64524kfd M32C processor by the Xhorse VVDI Prog? Like CEM volvo. Error chip not connect (00).
Vvdi Prog M32c 0
Try this out.
CHeck M32C pinout to vvdiprog.
Vvdi Prog M32c 1
Vvdi Prog M32c 2
1st you have to find the right pinout of your BCM.
You have to connect:

CNVss to Vcc1 (should be done thru programmer adapter)
P50 (WRL (CE) pin 65 on M32C 144pins version) to Vcc1
P55 (HOLD (EPM) pin 54 on M32C 144pins version) to Vss

this should be sufficient, if not P85 (NMI pin 24 on M32C 144pins version) to Vcc1
Depending on programmers all Vss should be connected togehter ad all Vcc1=Vcc2 connected together

VVDI Prog is not the best tool to read this mcu if not worked, try with orange5 or new xprog 6.12.