VVDI Prog Delphi MT86 (3500) Gearbox PINOUT

Delphi MT86 (3500) Gearbox
Hyundai – Kia

-Read and write ok by ECU reflash cable
-Pinout some as VVDI-Prog manual
-Other operation some as picture


The power should be disconnect and connect before each operation.


Here comes one problem:

i am trying to clone mt86 with 2 infineon inside , i tried to read with vvdi prog the old ecu it says chip not connected i did exactly as the help in vvdiprog. The old ecu have only 3 coils working i don’t know what component is for the coils so i decided clone on other one.

car start with old ecu , and also i tried to read with combiloader it read flash normally i copied on donor ecu but car didnt start so i want to copy whole flash and eeprom with vvdi prog but always chip not connected.



In the Delphi MT86 you have 2 Tricore _ TC1766 ( Motor + Gearbox )
To read TC1766 motor you should use this method :
Raise PIN 122 (PIN 122 should be lift).


Good luck.