VVDI MB Read W209 Password and Program Key without Removing

The great Update software version 5.8.0 from VVDI MB for Benz key programming released. Now 99% of cars mo need to remove anything. Disconnect ELV and just treat it as it were on bench.  Just use VVDI MB power adapter as normal like W204 /W208/W210.


Here’s the new feedback on Mercedes W209:


Trying out a w209. It’s on bench but simulating in vehicle. So far so good. password first read with vvdi mb tool, about 18 minutes.
When in car you just connect the blue alligator clip wire coming off the obd into the esl plug to grab the k line . Should be pin 5.

999 times payed calculation due to the yearly token unlimited plan




Thanks the feedback from Ms. EricRoss.