VVDI key tool unlock Renault 285971998R card IC error, how to do?

Hi. I see you are helping people in vvdi key tool section. Can you help me with my tool? I CANT unlock Renault 285971998R card (that’s HF clio\capture) it says IC error. But when I choose 4100 non hands free than everything is ok but that probably will not work in car coz ITS different file. I already update to newest firmware but Still same problem. I know they are able to unlock that card. I bought vvdi key tool specially to unlock that card and clone id83 (previous i used kdx2).


Xhorse Support Reply:

About unlocking the Renault 285971998R card, it must be the same as the board in the file, also the number should be the same, even so, there is also unsuccessful (add this skype : xhorse-support2 if you still have this issue.)
About copying 83 chips, only support Fiesta and Kuga.