VVDI Key Tool Max Remote Charge Battery Test Review



  1. Does the vvdi mini key tool remote charge battery function work?
  2. Can I use the function with Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max programmer?
  3. What vehicle models dose the function work for?

 Change Remote Battery

 Change Remote Battery 1



  1. Yes, it can work normally.
  2. Yes, remote charge battery function can work well with VVDI Mini Key Tool and VVDI Key Tool Max.
  3. It is used for BMW old type EWS original rechargeable keys.


Remote charge battery test review


Works on VVDI Key Tool Max

“It is quite easy, the function can work without a problem. I have tried it on the VVDI Key Tool Max and it did work! It gave 10 minutes for charging.”


Works on VVDI Mini Key Tool

“I am also tried it on a VVDI Mini Key Tool, which did a few in the past months. It works fine. Today I replaced the battery on a BMW CAS diamond key. Measures 2.80v., it takes 5 minutes in VVDI Mini Key Tool, 3.20v.


Thanks to VVDIshop customer.