How to use Xhorse MQB Style Remote Key XKMQB1EN?

Have Xhorse MQB Style Remote Key XKMQB1EN, I didn’t know how to make Golf MK7 MQB style key (regular remote not proximity type), how to generate? which option do I select.


Contacted engineer and was told:

generate and program to cluster.

the smart remote is universal type, you can select MQB in remote list to generate, then program to the car by VVDI2.



However, the XKMQB1EN is a regular remote not smart/proximity type ?
Are you saying that to generate the XKMQB1EN as MQB regular remote we need to use the proximity menu (as shown in below pics) ?


yes ,that is , and in the app of mini keytool , you can enter the option and it will has instruction of that