How to use VVDI MB to repair Benz W204 207 212 ESL & ELV when NEC Broken?

Transponder A2C-45770 A2C-52724 NEC chip is used with VVDI MB Tool for adaptation no need renew EIS!!!
No need to wait hours for disabled NEC chip to renew. Benz W204 ESL/ELV NEC chip using VVDI MB for adaptation no need renew EIS!!!


How to use VVDI MB Tool to repair Mercedes W204/W207/W212 ESL/ELV when NEC broken?

First, replace the NEC chip and motor
Then follow the steps below to synchronize the EIS data.
1) Read ESL data


2) Renew ESL,Erase pass: 1111111111111111


3) Load EIS data,paste key pass,click Auto clear TP and personalized,then click to


4) DONE!