Program VW Caddy 2016 NEC24C32 MQB via Xhorse XKB506EN Key

Here’s the user feedback on VW Caddy and xhorse remote.

“Today I made a VW Caddy from 2016 successfully. Transpoder was a MQB and the dash a 24NEC32 (VDO cluster), with PIN and CS (12Hex).

It was no ID48, ID48 can be cloned. vvdi mini key tool shows Transponder MQB, not cloneable.

Used a XKB506EN Xhorse universal key, generate remote as 5K0-837-202AD, generate a super chip XT27B as MQB, made dealer key with PIN and CS using autel im508, learned immo and learned remote in 09 central electric.

I think you can also use mqb xhorse key but this is half cheaper.

XKN506EN Xhorse Universal Key