2017 VW Caddy add Spare key with vvdi mini key tool + VVDI2

Purpose: do a spare key


Key: older style 3 button remote


Car: 2017 VW Caddy


What to do:

I’ve done 2016 exact same yes

But I know in 2016 2017 cars is also possibility to be aes 48 chip
Which cannot clone so check TP type with VVDI Mini key tool.

In another word, check chip with VVDI key tool before doing anything.


If it is AES48 chip can spare key be done with VVDI2.

but you can’t buy aes chips on their own so you’d need an original remote key I believe !
IT won’t take an ordinary id48 if it’s using aes system without modification to eeprom. So best to get correct key.

Hopefully it’s standard 48.


vvdi2 should be able but you need the right key(tp and remote) if mqb..


VVDI tech support: www.vvdishop.com