Xhorse Key Tool Plus VW Caddy 2019 Remote Not Start?


VW Caddy 2019 year successfully programmed new key (MQB48) with xhorse vvdi key tool plus and start engine but remote not work.
This is the original key for the Volkswagen Caddy 2020, and I bought the same fccid, but the same problem, the remote control does not work.

Xhorse Vw Caddy 2018 Remote 1

Xhorse Vw Caddy 2018 Remote 2


This car could have a separate system to add remote.

Can’t add remote. The remote central locking channel is blocked 2018+.
Need ODIS to open channel with dealer key and remote can be added then.

Diag central electric 09 adaptation, input 2 and program remotes.