MB ECU Renew Tool Recommendation

Aim for Mercedes ECU renew/virgin, mostly on sim271de/ke20, me9.7. 6, and then Mercedes ECU renew tool is recommended.


MB ECU renew tool recommendation:

  1. MBrenew: NO

Doesn’t read W204/212 sim271 ecu. Only certain models will read.


  1. Original avdi:

Does almost everything with ease.


  1. Xhorse VVDI MB

My uncle has vvdi he can do many renewal work. I am not sure which ecu it can but yes even vvdi can do many stuff.


my suggestion to you is if possible to extend your budget then buy vvdi 2, I am sure u will be happy. for token point, yes it has a token system but there is an unlimited token option too. It can do many brands, make keys, renew keys and many more options.


And here VVDI MB “Renew ECU/Gearbox” option

vvdi mb renew ecu

Some models will read, try and you will know.


  1. j2534 passthru with mb service:

A j2534 passthru and pay for mb service https://www.startekinfo.com/StarTek/


  1. Need Simplediag interface hw + SD03 function to read service hash…and make units renew with Erase pass https://simplediag.ru/simplediag/ … and also need
    100% calculation success from sonder -> dealer password for renew
  2. Extreme MB toolshttps://simplediag.ru/embt/ to calculate from Service hash -> calculate Erase pass
  3. CGDI MB can renew TCU ECU ISM DSM ESM as well


To be continued…


Have fun.