Generate Toyota Prius Plus 2018 Key using Xhorse XM38

Need to add a smart key for a TOYOTA Prius Plus 2018 rest left hand drive.

Board number 89904-12370.

TOYOTA Prius Plus 2018 Key 1

Original key

TOYOTA Prius Plus 2018 Key 2TOYOTA Prius Plus 2018 Key 3

Key board


To use the Xhorse XM38 Toyota smart key we need to know what chip and transmitter frequencies the original key had.


This is TOYOTA, everything should be much simpler.
After reading the key, everything began to become clearer, and it no longer seemed so scary.

TOYOTA Prius Plus 2018 Key 4

It is chip 8A, page 88.

TOYOTA Prius Plus 2018 Key 5

radio transmitter templates. dual frequency

Choose template 0020 dual frequency. It’s just that these templates have different Page settings, somewhere 88, somewhere A8 or A9.
I write the option into the key. Then program the XM38 smart key to car.

TOYOTA Prius Plus 2018 Key 6

Now a Prius with a key like a Camry.


In fact, it turns out that this key is not so unique. This is the same key as on the Camry 50/55 with only one difference, the Camry has a trunk release button, the Prius doesn’t have it, so the board number is different. A good alternative is the universal key from Xhorse xm38, you just need to configure it.