Can VVDI2 Program 2013 Jetta All Keys Lost without VAG Helper?

2013 Jetta All Keys Lost no Proximity. Can this be done without Vag OBD helper? Through OBD with VVDI2? Thank you in advance.
User working experience:
Just did one with NEC cluster. My first one. Key learn by 4th Immo – picked Jetta with nec xxxxx, none of the other types. Read Immo information. Saved bin file, made transponder out of superchip. Used an Xhorse remote and turned ignition on, then added a new OEM key.
You gotta read it then put cluster in service mode. It will give you a service mode dump. Then take that. Write to chip then you can put back in car or do all on bench take original file write back read immo data then make dealer key then add key. It gives you specific instructions once you click service mode on correct 4th immo operation.
It can’t be done full via OBD.