Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus and Autel IM608 Which to Choose?

Universal key programmer which is better, IM608 pro or the Xhorse Key Tool Plus pad?




Xhorse Key Tool Plus advantages comparing IM608 

Better in transporter cloning, remote generation, eeprom function and available to control key cutting machines made by Xhorse.

Can be combined with other xhorse tools.

Xhorse is way better programming Mercedes Benz than Autel (faster online password calculation)

Add a bunch of car brands like Ford, GM, Chrysler etc that does not support before. At present, the vehicle coverage and performance are approximately at a medium level, which is still far from im608 pro, but it is clearly catching up.
Key Tool Plus is good for VAG
Free update online

have DoIp protocol communications, IM608 does not.

newest hardware at the moment with complex functions



Autel IM608 advantages:

Full system diagnosis, special service functions and odometer correction functions.

Diagnostic software is good.
the J2534 programmer is an added source of revenue

Expensive annually subscription





IM608 is ok for starting key programming and learning, have some advantage because cover a lot of cars brand for the moment and because have also some diagnostic functions for cars what is very nice to have it, but not cover all you need and probably will need also extra tools, for example BMW and MB not support some coding and programming modules in car, for this Autel recommend Elite tool, IM608 not see to have DoIp protocol communications and VVDI Pad have it.

VVDI key plus pad is more news hardware on the market and prepared for newest car what will be in future on the market and will see if will cover also some old cars, I think will be best more for newest cars, VVDI pad not have now so much functions like IM608, but will bee add in time in future step by step, VVDI pad not have at diagnostic and coding modules now so big cover more can do VVDI2, but I think will add in future and if will make good job can be a good rival of IM608 or can be more better comparative with IM608, this will see only after some times, 1…2 years or more time.

The advantage of VVDI Pad I think is the newest hardware at the moment on the market tools, what will permit to add more complex functions if it was made very good with all protocol communication what will be in future on next generations of cars, in this case for VVDI Pad Plus will be simple to support newest functions for newest cars in future and IM608 I think will have some limitations in time if will not release newest hardware IMxxx in future. One example is programmer hardware update from old XP400 update at new XP400 Pro, what support some MCU in plus, the same situation I think will be with the Autel IM608 pad if at one moment will have some hardware limitation.

VVDI Key pad plus have the programmer function included in pad and you need only external adapters.

Also IM608 need some yearly extra payment if you need to update or need to use online functions, if you want to use some functions and if working only online you will need to pay the update after 1 year.