Xhorse VVDI2 VVDI Key Tool Plus “BMW Motor Authorization”

Both vvdi2 and key tool plus released BMW motorcycle key learning function.


Xhorse vvdi key tool plus released new update in Dec. 2022. We got some improvements for car diagnosis, we can do Toyota/lexus now.

After update you will notice that BMW motor authorization is inactive, any info what is that? And anyone has this the same way?

Vvdi Key Tool Plus BMW MOTOR Authorization

Xhorse vvdi2 v7.3.0 also released BMW motorcycle key learning.

===== BMW V7.3.0 =====
1.Support make dealer key for motorcycle (Contact vvdishop.com for license)
1). Support 8A smart key via OBDII (Require XM38 motor remote)
2). Support 4D+ transponder key via OBDII (Require VVDI super chip)
2. Bugfix

Xhorse Bmw Motorcycle Obd License

BMW Motor Authorization= program BMW motorcycle key via OBD. It is not write key from dump.

Xhorse engineers are still testing the function.

It is not yet officially released. It’s paid activation – 200$ around.

Coming soon.


Xhorse also released XM38 BMW Motorcycle key for 8A smart key programming.

It can be used to program R1200GS R1200GT K1600GT motorcycle keys.

Xhorse Bmw Motorcycle Key 1

Key is not ready yet.