Program 2022 Honda Accord Key with Xhorse Universal Key?

Honda Accord is the new system. Which key can be used to program proximity to the 2022 Accord?

2018-2022 Accord key fobs all look the same.

If Autel asked you if it is newer than a 2020 so answered No. If this year uses the old style Honda Prox, the Xhorse ones should’ve worked.

The process is very murky, specially the instructions. But they all took.

Some people did a 2022 Accord AKL, tried an aftermarket key and it failed. Used a xhorse universal and took it in with no problems.

Xhorse universal smart key worked. Tried aftermarket and original OEM but no lock.

Honda Accord 2022 Using Xhorse Key

But once you do that, it’ll never accept OEM keys. Ever. The BCM software has been screwed up. Only XHorse keys will program to that BCM. He could’ve easily gotten the car started by programming an XHorse Prox, but the original keys will never work. Its like VW/Audi.