Xhorse Super Remote vs. Xhorse Wireless & Wired Remote

Xhorse Super Remote is more powerful than Xhorse wireless & wired remote. Here we go for details.


Xhorse Super Remote wins Xhorse wireless & wired remote in:

  1. Xhorse Super remote, built-in the vvdi super chip, can support more chip types. While Xhorse Wireless remote is built-in with the NXP chip ( supports the Hitag series, simply speaking like the chip ID46 and ID47). And Xhorse wire key is without NXP chip.

    2. Both Super remote and xhorse wire/wireless remote share the same PCB and the remote control part.

  2. In brief, Xhorse super remote has all the options of wire and wireless key.


Here comes Xhorse super remote support list:

7935 (33 40 41 42 43) 4D (60 63 70 80 83 72G 67 69)

7936 (46)              4E (64)

7938 (47)              4C (CAROLLA EX)

7939 (49)              8C (Haima)

7937 (46)              8A (Toyota H chip, Hyundai – copy)

7946 (46)              48 (VW, AUDI)

7947 (47)              8E




The difference between VVDI mini key tool remote wired & wireless:

Xhorse universal remote(wireless and wired style) support generation or cloning by VVDI Mini KEY TOOL and VVDI2.

  1. Xhorse wireless remote key is with NXP chip.

NXP chip is immo chip, like 46/4D chip. If you use wireless key, it is already with IMMO chip, can generate new key directly. But if wire one, you need to add a immo chip like 46 chip into wire key, then can use normally to start car.


  1. Wireless remote support generation or cloning directly without cables, no need to disassemble remote cover.


3.The PCB of wireless style is different from the wired style, the wired remote style PCB with socket for cable connection programming remote.


3.1. Xhorse universal remote wireless style PCB image:



3.2 Xhorse universal remote wired style PCB image:



VVDI (Wireless) Remote support list:


The above image is only a partial of support list, have no idea if your key is supported or not, contact the dealer: www.vvdishop.com


Last but not least, have one Xhorse VVDI Super Remote to have a test.