Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Error Code 45 Solution


My xhorse condor xc-mini plus key cutting machine keeps getting error cut fail code 45, any solution?

Xhorse Condor Mini Plus Error Code 45


Upgrade condor mini plus with xhorse upgrade kit.

Select Condor device

Do Repair data-> Fix internal error 1-> Fix internal error 2-> Clear All (3 times)

Then update software.


If still not working, the problem can be the axis Z (up and down milling). Try to detect Z plate bench and sometimes the sensor is not detected correctly.

Also can be problem any other fail in Z axis. Dirty behind the led light, sensor Z bad, motor Z bad.


How to reach the sensors if you have taken yours apart already?

one sensor and another plate were bent. You must dissemble lcd screen to access it.

Xhorse Condor Error 45 Solution 1

Condor xc-mini is similar.

Xhorse Condor Error 45 Solution 2