Failed to Program Ford F150 4C with VVDI Super Chip Solution


I’ve got the xhorse vvdi XT27a super chip transponder generated by key tool max but it won’t learn on the 2002 Ford F150.  I’ve learned keys before with no issue doing this but for some reason this won’t work.

Vvdi Super Chip 2002 Ford F150 Learning Failed 1 Vvdi Super Chip 2002 Ford F150 Learning Failed 2


Not 4d 63, use 4c chip. H72 with 4C chip.
Need better transponder, ford’s antenna isn’t strong enough to read those chips.
Use genuine big glass 4c chip. Older Fords do not like taking generated 4c chip. Use a glass 4c chip and then clone that to a Xhorse super chip and should work fine. See it all the time.


User feedback:

I removed the clam shell, generated the chip to 4C, and put the chip right inside the coil antenna. Then I was able to learn the chip. I temporarily placed the chip in the antenna on its own while I get the proper 4C chip.