VVDI MINI PROG read EEPROM from VOLVO CEM Step-by-step

The new Xhorse handheld programmer  – MINI PROG is able to work as VVDI prog, it performs similar functions. incl: read ECU EEPROM/Flash, renew remote, import, and export files… Mini Prog has lots of EEPROM functionality. There is also an MCU reading capability list in the app

Let’s learn how to read EEPROM from VOLVO CEM with VVDI MINI PROG.

1. Connect MINI PROG to VOLVO CEM via an adapter
2. Open Xhorse APP and connect MINI PROG to your smartphone via Bluetooth or WiFi
3. Select car manufacturer and model and choose EEPROM for the chip reading range
4. Start operation by clicking “continue” or pressing the “START” button on MINI PROG
5. Finish reading and save file

video tutorial:

More details of Xhrose VVDI MINI PROG: https://www.vvdishop.com/wholesale/xhorse-vvdi-mini-prog-programmer.html