VVDI MB Token will Stay 15 Dollars or Up to 25 or More Again?

Question about VVDI MB: whether the token price will stay 15 dollars or in a couple of months it will go up to 25 or more again? I don’t do Mercedes keys every week,that is why I am asking.



Buy VVDI MB token for 1 year it 350usd.


If you use vvdi keys you will get 200 points for 1 key.
From the app you can exchange these points in tokens, 200 points – 1 token.
Basically, each time you use a vvdi key you get 1 token.
Considering that you do a few keys by taking out eis and read it on bench, with programmer,you save the points/tokens and when you need 2 tokens(akl by obd) you use one from key you programming and one saved when read eis with programmer..


No matter how you do the job,obd or eis out and read with programmer, you will still get the points but if you take out eis and read with programmer you don’t have to calculate pass so no token needed.


You need tokens only when calculate password online, send data acquisition to server.
If you read with adapter don’t need to desolder anything and also don’t need tokens to get the password.
Not all eis can be read with vvdi prog adapters and not all can be read with programmer.
Some,like w204, need to do acquisition data and upload it to server to calculate password-1 token.


You can buy keys from vvdishop.com. All coming with logo and good quality.