Handy baby and VVDI2 program VW Golf key

Here’s the tutorial on programming a new key of VW Golf with JMD Handy baby key copy machine and Xhorse VVDI2 VAG key programmer. Now go to the point!
VW Golf
VW Golf
Chip type:

ID48 chip (the first generation IMMO, with independent the IMMO box)

Chip status before key-matching: Unencrypted, unlocked
Chip status after key-matching: Unencrypted, unlocked
Can be COPIED or not?
YES. ID45 chip can be copied with Handy baby key programmer
Need pin code?
How to access the PIN?
– read PIN by VVDI key programmer
– disassemble the IMMO box to read PIN
(two types of IMMO box: 93C56 & CPU – CPU data cannot be read via OBD)
Mechanical lock features:
Door lock: 7 blade
Ignition lock: 8 blade
8 blade
Metal key head serial number:
Door opening direction:
Door opening direction
OBD port location:
The OBD port is located in the tool kit, under the lid with an ignition icon
OBD port is located in the tool kit
Key type:
Fold remote key
Fold remote key
Tool to generate:
KD600 or VVDI2 commander key programmer
How match the emote key?
The original key cannot be not used within 3 hours.
– Close all car doors;
– Antilockwise turn thw key in the lock and hold it
– Press the lock button twice
(if you need to program another new key, press twice again for another remote)
How to resynchronize the remote control?
Just turn the ignition on and press the lock button for 5 times or more, after a failure of the original remote control
Numerical control machine:
Option: HU66
IMMO data storage component
IMMO box: 93C56 or Motorola CPU
Key programmer to recommend:

Xhorse VVDI 2 key programmer

Your dashboard data will be damaged if you read PIN from the dashboard; you should read some PIN from the IMMO box. If your Golf IMMO box is broken, replace it with a Santana IMMO box.
Hope this helps!